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My BookNotes disclaimer

My bookNotes aren’t summaries of the book - they’re summaries of the novel ideas (each a kernel) that I came across, with a bit of the flesh I found so compelling.

I’ll just start off by saying, a book in my really, really good books list deserves to be read if possible. There is something about immersing yourself in a book for the required 5-10 hours that really gives you a full picture of the intricacies of the author’s work and the intuitions that go along with it. But, if you are for some reason unable to spare those hours, I’ll try to explain some of the key ideas and insights that proved most influential to me. I hope it teaches you something.

Also, any opinions in these BookNotes fall somewhere between those of the author and my attempted interpretations, but don't always entirely represent my own views. So, as with any book, take them with a large grain of salt.

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Short stories:

The Big Leap
Wadi Abu Jamil